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End of School Term/Graduation - Gifts for Teachers

This year has been so disruptive to your child’s education, that Teachers, Tutors and Pre-school staff have had to work incredibly hard to make sure that your child has had the ongoing care and education that they deserve.  We are quickly getting to the end of our school year, and those that have endured 2020, keeping your kids on track with all their educational needs, should be shown how you feel about their input with your child’s education. #vinylbydesignnz will happily help you with all your teacher gifts, from; Before School/After School box sets, to individualised etched glasses, wall mounted heart shaped plaques, heart shaped coasters or why not challenge us with your own concept which we will lovingly work on.  Imagine the end of year at school where your child presents their beloved teacher with a gift straight from their heart, ensuring your child’s name will be remembered for many years.  Ask any teacher, they love their job, wouldn’t change it for the world and have so many happy memories that they treasure, why not let your child be a part of their memories.  Contact us at for these and many more gift ideas and let us play a part in your child’s end of year celebrations.