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Halloween is coming!

Hey Guys and #VinylbydesignNZ lovers, we will soon be at the end of October and that means spooky Halloween.  This year we have had to miss out on so many of our favourite occasions due to lockdown and we have to make the rest of the year count.  Trick or Treating may be off the menu this year, but Halloween falls on a Saturday, what better way to celebrate the spooky season then holding a small gathering of your children’s friends, having a sleep over or movie night with hot chocolate and Halloween lollies. Our gift ideas would be the ideal way to show children that although times have been tough, we can still overcome and have some fun times together. Halloween boxes to suit all tastes, whether you need sweets free of artificial colours/flavours, sugar free or just indulgence (contact us with special requests).  Pass on to the parents of those you invite with your idea and they can treat their children too.  Why not have the grown-ups around for a wine as the kids watch movies and hangout together in safety. Halloween celebration glasses, spookily etched or with scary decals, ideal for enjoying an adult evening where you can keep an eye on the youngsters. Please visit the or follow us on Instagram – VinylbydesignNZ for these ideas and other celebration gifts.